As you step into the glittering new Shimansky Store in Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, you might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve been transported to London or New York High Street Shopping.

The unique gold-fronted store and elevated stage in the shop window lend a sense of theatre to the scintillating selection of bespoke diamond jewellery on display. Shoppers are welcomed into a world of comfortable luxury as they wander at their leisure amongst the dazzling and tastefully laid out jewellery creations.

Whether it’s the perfect engagement ring, anniversary present or a gift of love you’re searching for, the Shimansky consultants are happy to offer guidance and assistance.

The epicurean interior boasts design features like a diamond wall feature with a bespoke metal art piece, and the whole feeling inspired by the store is one of understated elegance. A lounge area and bar provide a place for spent shoppers to relax while sipping some wine or coffee, while their partners take in the beautiful jewellery on display. With new ready-to-wear statement jewellery, any woman will be able to spoil herself in an affordable and self-rewarding experience.

Visit the new Tyger Valley Shimansky store and step into the world of High Street shopping as it was meant to be – pleasantly relaxing, inspiring and something you can’t wait to do again.

Shop 513, Upper Level, Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, Bellville,
Tel: +27 (0)21 914 7788



Shimansky Tyger Valley Boutique Open