four cs of diamonds grading

The 4C’s Explained

No one diamond is the same, which is just part of what makes this glittering gem so spectacular. From its formation deep within the earth’s crust billions of years ago, to the moment you showcase its beauty in the form of jewellery… there are four things to consider when it comes to what truly differentiates… Read More >

diamond settings 101


The diamond used in any jewellery creation can easily account for up to 90% of its value, but its’ brilliance can only truly be brought to life in the right diamond setting. What is a diamond setting exactly? It’s the way a diamond (or other stone) is placed in or held by the gold or… Read More >

diamond shapes

Diamond Shapes 101

Although shape is not one of the four C’s that determine the value and quality of a diamond, it is another personal and very important visual factor to consider when purchasing diamond jewellery. Cut vs Shape It’s easy to confuse the shape with the cut of a diamond – the diamond shape refers to its… Read More >