What You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Exiting times, you have finally made the decisions to get engaged, Congratulation it time to search and find the perfect engagement ring that will symbolize your relationship and will be perfect for the rest of your life, no pressure, we are here to help you every step of the way with assisting many couples over the years you are in safe hands.

There are few important things to consider the most important is the engagement ring design, a design that will be timeless and can be worn every day, second is the diamond shape which is an important part of the ring look and feel, this is where the personality of the newly engaged to be lady personality and taste is important while taking into account the finger and hand type. We can assist you and present few option once we get to know you. And than one of the questions that make some of the guys nervous How Much to spend on an Engagement Ring, We rather call it an Investment in your relationships. the amount and budget is a personal choice and you always need to be comfortable that the engagement ring you select represent your love and commitment while deliver great value and happiness.

Diamonds comes in all shapes and sizes and valued base on their rarity and the quality of the craft, there are no two diamond alike, each diamond is unique and the same go to your engagement ring and your relationship. We can assist you in maximizing your budget and engagement ring as we are the designer jeweler and the manufacturer of the diamond direct from the diamonds mines to you, with our own Shimansky Diamonds workshops we buy and polish diamonds for over 25 years selecting the best diamond mined. our jewelry workshops specialized in Platinum which is the best and most recommended precious metal for engagement rings.

The diamond Carat Weight has a great influence on the diamond price in combination with the , the Diamond Shape and Cut are also play a part with many other factors like the quality of the craft, cutting and polishing of the diamond to maximize the diamond brilliance and fire.
With our in house design team we can make your Dream Engagement Ring come true from our original Shimansky Engagement Rings design selection to a custom design making the ring of your choice within your budget. When its come to quality you are in the best hands with personal attention to the finest detail, crafting the most beautiful engagement ring specially for you.
With so many choices out there selecting the right diamond, ring design, jeweler can be an overwhelming experience contact us to make your buying journey pleasant and seamless stress free.

If you are searching for a 1 carat Diamond Engagement Ring, a 2 Carat Engagement Ring or any diamond size... pause and contact us as the diamond size is only one factor that determinate the ring value, We will be happy to give you free advice and share our knowlage to assist your journey to find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.but they can be worn every day too if you follow a few strategies to keep them safe. Let's look at some of the questions that you may have about wearing fine jewelry every day, contact us.